Dahlia’s Diner

Born in 1922, Dahlia Davenport was put into a famous and wealthy line of New Orleans chefs. Both her mother and father were known throughout the community and worked at some of the best restaurants in the city.

Though Dahlia’s family never became wealthy, especially given the ups and downs that came with the Great Depression, they did well enough for themselves. But Dahlia never saw her home in the kitchen, pursuing other careers even going to college to earn a biology degree.

But in 1952, just months shy of her 30th birthday, her parents were killed in a tragic car accident. While it was certainly a heartbreak for Dahlia, it was also a new opportunity as she found herself the heir to a larger-than-expected estate.

Stricken by grief, Dahlia made the unwise move to use the money to carry on her family’s name and live out the dream of her parents, opening a restaurant.

Dahlia decided to jump on the diner craze that was sweeping the country and created Dahlia’s Diner, a rockin’ place to get great food.

Unfortunately, a biology degree and a few failed careers failed to prepare Dahlia for the challenges of running a restaurant. Soon, a revolving door of cooks and other staff began to take its toll and, despite finding some popularity early, it began to struggle.

Mounting bills and frustrations took its toll on Dahlia. Customers who complained, found a way of disappearing and those who didn’t, they kind of never left.

Eventually, the diner itself closed but Dahlia kept paying the rent so no one came in to take it over. For months the property sat seemingly vacant on a lot in Algiers, neither open nor for sale.

But, when the rent payments did stop and the repo man came by, a horrid scene was discovered. Dahlia had imprisoned her customers, using chains and cages to keep them. The lucky ones were turned into meat for the others, the unlucky ones became the subject of her terrible experiments that tried to fuse man and animal.

Even those who survived died soon after the police came, medical science unable to undo what Dahlia had done. But, Dahlia herself had disappeared, gone long before the police broke down the door to repossess the place.

Where she went is unclear, but one thing is for certain, she is BACK! That’s right, Dahlia is back and for three nights only. You can see for yourself the horrors of Dahlia’s diner and dive back into the 1950s and the horrors that come from a mind pushed too far…